Organic Farming Apprenticeship

ALM has had a formal apprenticeship program for over 15 years. We usually take on 3 full time apprentices each year from late February or early March through to the end of October. We are accepting applications now for the 2012 season. Get our application by clicking on the following View Our Farming bibliography (Acrobat Format) | Get Acrobat Reader

You can download a bibliography of books on organic farming which we recommend by clicking on the following View Our Farming bibliography (Acrobat Format) | Get Acrobat Reader

What you will get from an apprenticeship at our farm?

Apprentices learn how to grow, harvest, market and preserve vegetables, herbs, flowers and seeds. There are also a number of other tasks that we work on such as raising chickens for eggs and pigs for meat; natural building, baking bread, making beer, and preserving our fruit, herbs and vegetables.

Everybody goes on a walkabout each week to review all the work on the farm and then plan out our individual tasks for the week. Much of our work is done in groups of two or more. The farm gets many visitors for you to interact with.

Each month you will have three different opportunities to learn about organic farming at other farms:

Other formal training: Funds and time are set aside for you to attend workshops or conferences of your choice during the season. The farm has an excellent library and subscribes to various farming journals. You will be encouraged to write articles for local and national organic farming journals.

What will be expected of you?

What will you receive in return?

What will you experience here?

things I've learned with you and the land

An Apprentice's expression of her experience with ALM Farm.

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Marika is managing the pigs while they try their hardest to manage her.